Our Origins

"Bringing to Light the Ways of Old"

Kathryn Louise - Founder, Designer, Creator

Crystals have long been used throughout the ages, be they for burials, protection or health. They have been said to aid stress, anxiety, emotions, communication, anger and more! Animals and insects on the other hand, represent different meanings, be it from freedom to happiness and joy. Fast-forward a few thousand years and all that knowledge seems to have been diluted. Yet, people are experiencing more and more negative effects in their lives, be it personal or work related, it is at an all time high.

Kalou Jewellery was created to offer people handmade jewellery that brings to light the ways of old, with simple elegance that holds meaning, healing and significance to the wearer.

Their signature collection is the gemstone range, where you will see in the description the holistic properties of each crystal, how they intertwine with other crystals and the charms attached.


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Like the hummingbird Kalou represents comfort, happiness and joy at the heart of every piece.

Kathryn Louise 

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